What is Frack 'em all? Frack 'em all is an anti-establishment political site. If you like establishment, you won't like us...In the mean time, lets kick the liberal winey-ass commie socialist democrat snowflakes out of political control and into cleaning the toilet bowls of America...

If you're not against the right to bare arms, the right to free and un-inhibited free speech and can't stand the liberal propaganda put out by the major networks (CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, MSNBC)

If you think that the Thin Blue Line (Police) has gotten a raw deal by our last president (Obama), or that George Soros is behind the terrorism/riots at our political events, if you think he needs to be investigated, then join us today!

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On February 28th, 2017 as my wife and I sat and watched President Trumps first joint speech to Congress (Read speech here), we spotted those scumbag liberal commie democrats just sitting there when others applauded UNITY, WORKING TOGETHER, IMMIGRATION reform, etc. That also showed us they care more for their insipid little jobs and their party rather than the American people.....shame on them and shame on the electorate who puts these simpletons of divisiveness into office.

Now, those same democrat scumbags have been screaming about “FAKE NEWS” I kinda guess there’s plenty of that around…afterall, the DNC and the democrats are great at dis-information, almost as good as Chairman Mao was back in the mid to late 40’s when the Communists took over China. (Mao is widely credited in the West with tens of millions of killings (49-78,000,000) but the sources are generally vague and contradictory. It is particularly difficult to pin down the deaths of the Cultural Revolution on him. As reported by "The worst genocides of the 20th and 21st Centuries")

Kelly Butcher: "Sobbing widow of the slain Navy Seal received a two minute standing ovation. Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Keith Ellison stayed firmly seated and did not clap/cheer. Maybe it was more important for the Democrats not to cheer in Trump’s presence than to cheer a true hero. Disgraceful. They should've been pulled out by the hair of there head and thrown under the first bus that drove by! There hate for trump is stronger than there love for there country.  Bunch of Un American bastards"

What is Fake News you ask? As posted by accessNOW "Generally, fake news consists of stories that “report” on so-called facts and information that have no basis in fact, often with specifically fantastic headlines to encourage sharing on social media. Fake news stories cover the gambit of topics, much like real news — politics, yes, but also health, entertainment, gossip, arts and culture, and the list goes on. One explanation for the rise of fake news might be money. Modern media is based on an advertising model that relies on getting people to click to view content. Fake news can be more sensational than reality and lead to a high number of clicks, meaning that stories that get sufficient views can be very profitable."

Mike Masnick at TechDirt has stated "So, for all of you complaining about fake news — a broad term with no real meaning, and which allows people to claim that anything they dislike, or anything with a small error in it counts as “fake news” — beware that you’re basically handing an easy tool of censorship to governments like China and Iran that have long histories of stifling any kind of dissent. “Fake news” isn’t necessarily a good thing, but freaking out about it is playing into the hands of censors worldwide."